Tarot Worksheet

Major Arcana
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0THE FOOLBeginnings(Air / Uranus) 1THE MAGICIANPower (Air / Mercury) 2THE HIGH PRIESTESSIntuition (Water / Moon)
3THE EMPRESSGrowth (Earth / Venus) 4THE EMPERORAuthority (Fire / Aries) 5HIEROPHANTFaith (Earth / Taurus)
6THE LOVERSChoice(Air / Gemini) 7THE CHARIOTControl (Water / Cancer) 8STRENGTHIntelligence (Fire / Leo)
9THE HERMITKnowledge (Earth / Virgo) 10WHEEL OF FORTUNEChange (Fire / Jupiter) 11JUSTICEBalance (Air / Libra)
12HANGED MANSacrifice (Water / Neptune) 13DEATHTransformation (Water / Scorpio) 14TEMPERANCEModeration (Fire / Sagittarius)
15THE DEVILBondage (Earth / Capricorn) 16THE TOWEREpiphany (Fire / Mars) 17THE STARHope(Air / Aquarius)
18THE MOONIllusion (Water / Pisces) 19THE SUNHappiness (Fire / Sun) 20JUDGMENTRenewal (Fire / Pluto)
21THE WORLDCompletion (Earth / Saturn)

Minor Arcana
1Energy 2Initiation 3Return 4Recognigtion 5Challenge 6Success 7Courage
8Swiftness 9Defense 10Burden PageFaithful KnightCause QueenDetermination KingAuthority
1Joy 2Sharing 3Celebrate 4Detachment 5Mourning 6Memories 7Imagination
8Search 9Abundance 10Fulfillment PageOptimism KnightOffers QueenIntuition KingMysterpoogas
1Prosperity 2Skill 3Trade 4Grasping 5Trouble 6Sharing 7Patience
8Apprenticeship 9Content 10Wealth PageStudy KnightContemplation QueenLavish KingGenerous
1Logic 2Decision 3Sorrow 4Rest 5Loss 6Passage 7Dishonor
8Trapped 9Despair 10Hitting Bottom PageDiscovery KnightMission QueenHealing KingBrilliance
Suit correspondences
Suit Sign Time Season Element Associations
Wands Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Weeks Spring Fire Work, Spirit, Energy, Creativity, Passion, Male Energy
Cups Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Days Summer Water Emotion, Feeling, Intuition, Dreams, Female Energy
Swords Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Months Winter Air Thoughts, Ideas, Words, Logic, Reason, Male Energy
Pentacles Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Years Fall Earth Money, Material, Physical, Tactile, Female Energy
Major Arcana     Spirit 
Number Correspondence
1Beginning, ideas, opportunity, gift 2Development, balance, choices, interaction 3Planning, creation, abundance, building, group activity 4Practical Attainment, stability, structure, order 5Unbalance, change, challenge, struggle, adaptation
6Harmony, triumph, a high point, responsibility, truth 7Choices, reflection, the hidden, difficulties, wisdom 8Changes, movement, order, giving and receiving 9Conclusions,completion, attainment, magic 10Fulfillment, final culmination, transformation

Meriís Tarot Class Worksheet 2002